Face Masks

Important - please note:

  • Fabric face masks are not a substitute for medical masks, or for N95 or P2 respirator masks. 
  • Always follow your doctor's advice about what type of mask is recommended for you, especially if you are more vulnerable, for example because you have a chronic health condition.
  • The New Zealand Goverment's most updated advice about face masks and how to wear them safely is available here on the Unite Against Covid-19 website. 

Fabric face masks in 5 sizes - to fit little to large people.

Hand made to last, using pre-washed and pre-shrunk high quality fabrics.

Adjustable for a good fit - the most important thing when wearing any face mask.

You can also 'double mask' by wearing a fabric face mask over a medical mask.

Masks of all sizes are made with 3 layers:

Masks come with a single continuous tie that's stretchy, comfortable and soft - achieves the best fit, more comfortable if you need to wear a mask for long periods, and good for hearing aid wearers. It's easy to cut the tie and change it to two ear loops if you prefer. 

Eco friendly, reusable many times, hand or machine washable.

Sizes - see Face Mask Size Guide & FAQ:

  • 2 Child sizes: 2-5 years, and 6-10 years
  • 3 Adult/Teen sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Hand made in New Zealand within 5-10 working days of receipt of your order.