Face Mask Size Guide & FAQ

What size face mask should you buy?

  • It depends on the size of your/your child's face - face sizes vary quite a lot, even in people of the same height.
  • The Adult Medium size fits most teenagers and adults with average sized faces.
  • For example, in my whānau, the Adult Medium size fits five of the six adults, ranging in height from 152cm tall (that's me!) to 182cm tall (one of my sons-in-law). The Adult Large size fits my other son-in-law who is 178cm tall. 
  • The Adult Large size fits teenagers and adults with larger sized faces.
  • The Adult Small size fits most children aged 11-12 years, and teenagers and adults with small faces. 
  • If you're unsure, the safest way to know which size to buy is to take some measurements.
  • If you don't have a flexible tape measure (i.e. a dressmaking type of tape measure), use a piece of string to take the two measurements described below, and then measure the string on a ruler.
  • Also see below the dimensions of the 5 face mask sizes (Child 2-5 years, Child 6-10 years, Adult Small, Adult Medium and Adult Large).

Measurements you can take to check your size:

If you're unsure what size to buy, there are two measurements you can take to check your/your child's face mask size:

  • Measure from about 2cm in front of your ear, across the bridge of your nose, to about 2cm in front of your other ear (i.e. where the top of a face mask would sit). Keep the tape measure close to your skin all along the way to get a more accurate measurement. This will be approximately the measurement of the top edge of the face mask.
  • Measure from the bridge of your nose, down the middle of your nose and over your mouth to about 2-3cm under your chin.  This will be approximately the measurement of the centre curved seam of the face mask.

Face mask dimensions: