Cat Collar Covers & Cat Bandanas

Clown Cats are brightly coloured cat collar covers - and the occasional cat bandana.

Cat collar covers help to reduce bird predation by pet cats.

A brightly coloured fabric tube is threaded onto a breakaway cat collar.

Birds see the bright colours in time to fly away.

Clown Cats cat bandanas are just for fun :)

Hand made in New Zealand by Sew Cathy Sew.

Colourful 100% cotton fabrics. 

Two sizes - Cat and Kitten - see size guide.

I donate 50c to Pet Refuge for every Clown Cats product sold in the past 3 month period.

Please note: Unlike Clown Cats anti bird predation cat collar cover fabrics, cat bandana fabrics are not specifically chosen so that a cat can more easily be seen by birds. A cat bandana is just a fun accessory for your cat to wear, and is not a replacement for an anti bird predation cat collar cover.