Size Guide - Cat Collar Covers and Dog Bandanas


  • one size fits all - so no need to measure your cat (unless it's a Maine Coon - in which case, contact us - we can make a custom cat collar cover to order!)
  • fabric tube (before being threaded onto a breakaway/safety cat collar): measures approximately 48cm long x 5.5cm wide (19" long x 2.25" wide)


  • The safest way to know which size to buy is to measure your dog's neck!
  • If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string to measure loosely around your dog's neck (allowing about 1cm/half an inch extra - as you would do for a collar) and then measure the string on a ruler.
  • See below for the dimensions of the four standard bandana sizes (extra small, small, medium and large), with examples of the breeds of dogs that each size should fit.
  • When choosing a size, remember to allow enough length in the ties to fit loosely around your dog's neck, plus enough extra to tie a double knot!
  • If you are buying an over the collar style bandana, choose the same size that would be appropriate for your breed/size of dog in a tie on bandana style (as per the guidance below).
  • My model, Mack, is a small dog - he weighs 10kg and wears a size S. 

     XS (Extra Small) Dog Bandanas:

  • fits neck sizes approximately 14-23cm (5.5-9")
  • should fit most extra small/toy/teacup dog breeds, such as extra small mixed breeds, extra small chihuahua, chinese crested, mini dachshund, mini fox terrier, italian greyhound, jack russell, maltese, papillon, pomeranian, toy poodle (small), yorkshire terrier.

     S (Small) Dog Bandanas:

  • fits neck sizes approximately 22-33cm (8.5-13")
  • should fit most small dog breeds, such as small mixed breeds, cairn terrier, smaller beagle, larger chihuahua, chinese crested, mini dachshund, jack russell, maltese, toy poodle, shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, fox terrier (standard), mini poodle.

     M (Medium) Dog Bandanas:

  • fits neck sizes approximately 30-55cm (11.75-21.5")
  • should fit most medium dog breeds, such as medium mixed breeds, afghan, airedale, alaskan malamute, australian shepherd, bassett hound, larger beagle, bichon frise, border collie, boston terrier, boxer, bulldogs (french, smaller english), cocker spaniel, corgi, standard dachshund, dalmatian, greyhound, irish setter, labrador (smaller), pit bull, standard poodle, pug, standard schnauzer, shar pei, staffordshire terrier, weimaraner.

     L (Large) Dog Bandanas:

  • fits neck sizes approximately 40-75cm (15.75-29.5")
  • should fit most large dog breeds, such as large mixed breeds, bloodhound, bulldog (larger english), chow chow, german shorthaired, golden retriever, great dane, great pyrenees, labrador (larger), mastiff, old english sheepdog, rottweiler, st bernard, giant schnauzer.